5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Wardrobe


Since the pandemic , most of us have had a major wardrobe turn around caused by a few factors like restriction in movement, not having anywhere to where them to like before , weight gain, weight loss etc . Our wardrobes are overdue for decluttering. Here are 5 easy ways

– Try to tell yourself the truth about what is essential and what needs to go . Especially things you have Never worn to those you are hoping to fit into someday

– Categorise the items into 3 sections – Keep – Clear Out & Throw Away

– Keep – These are items you wear often , love and need .

Clear Out- These are stuff you can actually hand over to those who need it eg -your sibling , charity or resell via a thrift platform .

Throw Away – These refer to those pieces that are worn out , have out lived their value and can not be donated or ever worn again . 

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