8 Businesses That Will Receive a Boost After the Pandemic Lockdown.


The Covid19 pandemic has triggered a lot of shut down in businesses world over . Despite the fact that the lockdown has crippled the activities of many businesses, there are still some busineses that will pick up fast when the lockdown is over . This is because they occupy the second cadre of essential services in our daily activities and are integral part of our busy lifestyle .

Below are ten businesses we believe will pick up quickly after the lock down has been called off

1.Gyms- Not everyone has a gym in their apartment and most people are already complaining of weight gain because there is no way we are burning our calories, no longer having to work from dawn till dusk.

Everybody is at home eating and sleeping mostly so definitely once the lockdown is eased people will start visiting the gyms again to get back in shape.


2. Hairdressing Salons- Most women have resorted to DIY methods of maintaining their hair but without the professional touch of hairstylist and this has resulted to some experiencing hair breakage or just having them weave their hair in cornrows to protect their hair till the curfew is over.

Hairdressers get ready to get your hands and shop full because our hair is going to need some loving and care after this lockdown.

3. Juice Bars – As most are becoming more health conscious with the need to boost ones immunity , the patronage of Juice Bars will experience a boost especially those who are more clinical inclined than commercial ,,Nail studios

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4.Barbing salons- Due to this lock down, a lot of organizations and shops have closed down temporarily and barbing salons are not exempted.Most of our men are seriously in need of their grooming routine because they don’t have access to a professional barber or even own a shaving kit. So barbers, get ready as your business is going to boom very soon.

5. Online Programmes – Virtual classes are popping up now like virtual cooking classes to put people who are not used to cooking through on meals to prepare and how to prepare them.

We also see classes on how to maintain your hair with homemade items you can easily get to make sure that your hair is still in good condition and many more. All these will lead to the growth in audience and subscribers to YouTube channels.

6. Commercial Drivers- Commercial drivers are now out of service because of the lockdown and fear of getting arrested if caught but once the lockdown is eased and organizations resume operations, people will have to commute to their various places of work.

7. Nail studios- They were affected because they do not offer essential services but will definitely receive a boost once the lockdown is eased because ladies will have to get their nails done, get manicures and pedicures in order to ensure they look well kept before resuming their various jobs.

8.Eateries- Some of our bachelor’s and women who are not used to cooking are definitely finding it hard during this period and once the lockdown is eased, people will get to eat food from eateries and also enjoy their favorite junks which they were not able to get while at home.




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