Ejiro Amos Tafiri Takes Boulevard Du Mono


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+ Full Runway Collection by Ejiro Amos Tafiri at International Festival of Fashion (Fimo), Togo

It was the 8th Edition of the popular festival of fashion – Fimo in Lome , Togo. A growing event, the “FIMO228“, the International Fashion Festival in Togo, has become a reference in the calendar of major African meetings. Highly sought after by fashion players, not only from Togo, but from several African countries and now from Europe and America, FIMO228 has become an unmissable event.

The pandemic ( as usual ) posed a huge challenge but the once 30,000 attendance show had to go on . Restructuring the venue to seat 120 capacity , which was the approved number by the government was in no time ready to go , the event attracted 15 countries . With billboards littered around the calm city announcing the fashion festival , the team led by Jacques Logoh was ready to go .

The airy garden of the  Onomo Hotel situated at Boulevard Du Mono in Lome was the perfect venue as covid 19 rules were duly observed – Automated hand sanitizers , temperature checks and wash hand bowls and well spaced out seats were literally part and parcel of the venue decor . Fimo 228 had 25 designers, who came from Togo, Guadeloupe glam ethnik, France les hommes de fauvette, Lolo Andoche Benin, ivory side Ibrahim Fernandez, Ghana attotetteh, Burkina Faso Sébastien Bazemo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea Lucas etc

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International top model -Celine Minet opened the show for Nigeria’s Ejiro Amos Tafiri , who was a first timer on this prestigious platform .  The glamorous event was well attended with fashion buyers like –Peter Anthony of Zara Shop,Barbara Amouzou -Communication & Marketing professional of Vlisco and other notable guests -for this edition, they had the preence of the ministers of culture, communication and political figures. , notable entertainers , industry fashion enthusiasts and influential dignitaries .

Unlike every fashion event , the chaos backstage was absent as the number of occupants at a time was restricted . Although the heat of the season could be felt, but it did not stop us from stealing a selfie moment

Ejiro , Moriam Musa and the models backstage

We could not leave Lome city without capturing the sites in an exotic shoot . Solemnizing Ejiro Amos Tafiri pieces with the exotic and breathtaking sites of Boulevard Du Mono and more

Creative Direction- @insignaonline
Photography- @kolaoshalusi 



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