Exploring the Artistry of Banke Kuku’s Nigerian-Inspired Collection: A Modern Take on Paradise


African designers are making a significant impact on the global fashion industry, infusing it with fresh creativity, vibrancy, and unique aesthetics. Inspired by the beauty of Africa, designers such as Banke Kuku-Lawson are gaining recognition both domestically and internationally for their innovative designs and captivating style.

Known affectionately as Printess Banke, a nickname that reflects her deep passion for prints and her exceptional ability to create stunning patterns, this designer from Central Africa is making waves in the fashion world with her talent and creativity.

Banke Kuku, born in Nigeria in the 1980s, relocated to the United Kingdom at the age of eight. She completed her education at Central St Martins College at the age of 19, followed by Chelsea College of Art and Design, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Textiles. Kuku’s artistic creations are strongly inspired by the blend of cultures from her home country of Nigeria and the UK, where she grew up. Banke, a textile artist, has had a major influence on the fashion, textile, and interior design industries as the creative director of Africa’s premier luxury brand, Banke Kuku, which was established in 2011. The brand is renowned for its unique print collections that showcase the vibrant African culture while incorporating modern design elements, allowing our rich heritage to be appreciated by a global audience.

Prior to establishing her own brand, Banke Kuku gained significant experience working at several renowned international fashion houses, including the prestigious interior company Designers Guild. She assisted with fabric design for the Royal collection displayed at Buckingham Palace in 2010.

This experience inspired her to launch the interior division of her brand in 2013, attracting orders from esteemed clients worldwide, such as Selfridges, Bazar et Grande Manger Tokyo, and others.

Banke Kuku’s fashion collections are celebrated for their vibrant colors, captivating textile designs, and seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary influences. Her pieces have graced celebrities from Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o, and Michelle Obama to Tiwa Savage, Jackie Aina, and Chioma “GoodHair” Ikokwu.



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