Fashion Trends Expected to Take Over in 2024


Fashion in 2024 celebrates a resurgence of performance and theatrics, embracing larger volumes, vivid colors, and playful concepts. Get ready for a vibrant and exciting year in style! These trends define the fashion landscape ahead.

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 Oversize is More

2024’s fashion prediction includes the prominent trend of layering oversized garments. Combining comfort with style, it brings a relaxed yet chic essence to your attire.


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  Jellyfish Silhouettes

In the upcoming year of 2024, the fashion scene will be swimming into a jellyfish-inspired trend. There is a prediction of a surge in jellyfish-inspired styles, envisioning layered skirts, oversized ruffles, loose designs, puff sleeves, and vibrant aquatic hues. Get ready for an oceanic fashion wave!


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Color of the Year 2024 :Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s muted coral shade, has arrived, appearing in tops, sneakers, and sunglasses. The 2024 color palette combines soft oranges, salmon pinks with neutrals like cream and tan, as well as vivid shades of lavender, teal, berry, and mint green. Its versatility goes beyond expectations in pairing possibilities.


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Sweeping Shoes

While runway shows often captivate with upper-body fashion, the spotlight is shifting to footwear in 2024. This emerging shoe trend reintroduces excitement, embracing maximalism with playful and dramatic styles. Picture diamante chandelier tassels, 3D bows, streamers, and metallic fabric swathes. These shoes redefine fun, perfect for parties or making a bold fashion statement.

Florals – Its about to be a garden up in 2024

Aiming for prime space in your wardrobe, the leading trend of 2024 is metallic gold. Its transformative power instantly elevates any attire to a more formal level. Ideal for special events and even office settings, incorporating metallic accents, as seen on runways worldwide, can boost your style points. While some advocated for mixing gold and silver, resulting in a bold statement, toning down the gladiator-esque look is achievable by pairing metallic gold with contrasting materials like denim or leather.


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Wings of Desire: Feathery Touches

Nineties nostalgia continues undiminished for spring 2024, and was present in garments and on moodboards. —angelic wings and medieval armor—seemed to be a cross-season reference. The message seems to be the same as that voiced by Real Life in 1983:  “Send me an angel / Right now.”


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Will you say yes to the white dress? Ranging from diaphanous and sheer to embroidered and densely-worked, designers signalled a clear shift away from the euphoric shots of colour and frothy pastels that come around every spring with a bevy of swan-white dresses.


Modern flapper

Adorned with crystal Catherine wheels, metallic fringes, and gleaming grommets, the collection showcases sculpted tailoring and shift dresses reminiscent of the Jazz Age. This standout show introduces what Vogue editors term “the modern flapper.” The trend revisits gilded fringes, sparkling headpieces, and drop-waist dresses reminiscent of 1920s style but reimagined for 2024 by pairing them with leather barn jackets and blazers.

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