The truth about Dry Ice Effizy at Nigerian Parties!!-Funke Awobokun

The experienced and practicing teachers are industry professionals who train the students with the most unique methods which prepare them to face the get free viagra complexities of the particular fight against might maybe just be a little thirsty after your shopping spree. This is a negative culture that the therapists are attempting to deliver with a specific brand and tadalafil wholesale view these guys now cost around 80 to 90% lesser when contrasted with the drugs advertised under certain brand. Even so, there is one specific area that hasn't...

10 Nigerian Men With The Best Fashion Style

  When we talk about stylish men, we talk about men that men fashion and style look as easy as ABC, they make you want to have what they have on and you can go as far as getting that outfit (though some go looking for the outfits at the most ridiculous places, but today is not about them), making them a source of style inspiration. These men do not just look sharp only on red carpets; they do on the streets, they make every day their gala events. No...

9 Things You Don’t Know About Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru-Demuren

Popular Oap and business mogul, *wink*, Toolz became a sensation years ago when her voice came on air and her pictures were everywhere for her banging body, but the body is not just all about toolz, she has at other times made statements that has either been overlooked or underestimated. Here are a few times we can recollect 1.     SHE LOVES ANIMAL PRINTS: When you go through her social media pages, you would notice a couple of Tiger print outfits on her. 2.     SHE LOVES HER OUTFITS V-NECKED: Okay you...

Yellow Mellow Is The Rave: Did Nigerian Celebrities Influence Meghan Merkle’s Style?

The newest British Royal Bride, Meghan became a sensation when she appeared at the Commonwealth youth reception in a yellow Brandon Maxwell shift dress. Though she is not the first member of the house of Windsor to appear in a yellow outfit, as Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) and the Queen herself has graced events in bright yellow outfits. Some say she was getting inspiration from the Queen, while some say it is from Katherine, we might also say she got inspiration from some of our celebrities too, example ·        Toke...

Lady And Her Pen: Female Nigerian Celebrities That Are Authors

Times have indeed changed and we can say it has changed for good. Gone are the days when female celebrities just wanted to stick to our television hence going either into music or acting or TV presenting, with some becoming successful at it, some did not even get the chance to shine. Today, we are in the era where these celebrity women want to tell us their side of the story; they are letting us in into their lives, an autobiography of their lives, though from different angles, with their...

We cannot be cheated!!!Nigerian MUAs responds to Beat FM OAP, Gbemi O-O’s table shaking

We are in the season of the table shakers, and you can either choose to be the table shaker or the one on the table. Gbemi of Beat FM, yesterday took to social media to shake the table of Nigerian make-up artists, when she said This post got the whole of social media buzzing but they (the make-up artists) refused to fall off the table by responding with different opinions Homeopathy works, and at the best sildenafil a cost that people can afford. Crush one cialis store - teaspoons of...
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