Guys , Here are Three Easy Steps to Boost Your Style

Elevate your style with these 3 easy steps

Embrace Color

– Don’t be afraid of colour,  most men are intimidated by it so they stick to greys and navy blue  but color can be timeless too. We recommend red, green , mustard and brighter shades of blue.  Go for shades that will lift your entire outfit
Remember with colour, less is still more. One garment in an outfit would do .

Know Yourself

– Go for clothes that make you comfortable in your own skin. The is nothing less stylish than a man who is told what to wear when it does not match his personality

Use (Not So) basic  shirts.

It might surprise you but the basic shirt, as long as it’s well pressed, it  is a  piece of clothing you can own.  A well pressed shirt with a collar and no tie also works for 90% of the situations you will attend.
Images – Fashune

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