Hair Vendors Celebrate Princess Deborah Funmilayo Namabiri aka Aunty Funmi Hair


Funmi Namabiri, the Uk based  hair entrepreneur who runs famous hair brand, Funmi Hair, passed recently .The sad news of her death was broadcasted via social media  by her Bayelsa-born husband, Prince Isaac Namabiri. Aunty Funmi as she was fondly called , was a native of Osun State and together with her husband, they both  ran the family business-, Helena Hair Care Ltd in the UK, where they are based.

Their hair care business is globally known for the famous hair extension, Funmi Hair which is highly patronized by top celebrity women for it’s high quality, which has seen the Chinese trying to replicate it without success.

Funmi Hair rated as the world’s number one human hair. Worn by women all over the world, Funmi Hair, which launched into the market over 40 years ago, remains the most sought after human hair by women.

So successful did her human hair business become, that she wrote a book on her life’s journey titled, ’The Secret Of Funmi Hair’.

Funmi and her husband, a former IMB banker, also ran their family resort, Praise Banquet Hotel and Resort, located in her homestate, Osun State.

Those close to her said she had been battling with brain tumor which eventually took her life.

The news of her death comes as a huge shock to many of her clients and society friends, both in Nigeria and in the UK. A famous hair entrepreneur and a woman driven by passion , Aunty Funmi definitely came , saw and conquered . Below are a few tributes by her fellow hair vendors .

Hair By Ugo…..” She set the bar so high! A trailblazer. When we didn’t know there could be anything like life time warranty she found it. She sold value in exchange for money.
She taught us to sell confidently from a distance.

She gave the hair industry world wide a standard. China had to sit up! Vietnam, knew there was double drawn because of you.

I celebrate the life you lived and pray your soul rest in peace.

Ps: know the difference between gold and gold platted, funmi did it for us.

PS:I never met her”.

kika Good Hair……She inspired Chioma and I. Her legacy lives on


ems strands….. , , .

ms ogarr

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official diva hairs

Rest in Peace my hair mentor she indeed set the bar in the hair industry

Queen KJ

She was a constellation of talent. My hair from her was lik gold. She sure raised the bar for us all hair Vendors. Rest well Queen.Ur legacy lives on


Tseju hair ….Life

Hair hi lites…Yes, she was indeed a trailblazer. May her soul rest in peace.

cecei hairs.ng….I guess a funmi hair as Vietnam calls it was curled from her name

hairspa_hd…She set a high standard! Rest in peace Ma

Raw Donor Hair Extensions….Rest on mama,thank you for paving way for us in this hair industry, your legacy lives on queen


Oh wow, I remember traveling from east London by train to her store just to by her weave which I still have after so many years. She did have very good hair. May her soul rest in peace.

gloria duruibe

This is very heartbreaking . I was honoured to meet you in your store in London in 2011. You were very gracious and kind. You were both regal and royal yet you treated everyone with enormous respect. You definitely left a lasting impression on me. Rest in peace game changer. May the Lord give your family and friends the fortitude to bear this loss.


Tushed 4 bella

Ohhh one of the best hair I’ve ever had. I’ve used it over 10 times since I got it in 2012 yet it stands out. May her soul rest in peace, such a los


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