HELP!! Why are The Embassies Refusing Nigerian Models Visas ?


This is a serious cry for help and its no joke as this  has been the question making the rounds . Recently , some of our young models doing us proud overseas and flying the Nigerian flag high are being refused entry back into these countries where they have once modeled for top fashion brands of repute .

Elohor of Beth Modelling who has over time gained international prominence stemmed from her models working with these top brands , took to social media to vent as seen below .

….Hello , for everyone that has been asking , here’s the situation !
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Sadly, Fashion week is almost over and my very hardworking models are missing out on this season once again 😡 .
My models had various jobs from exclusive bookings to campaigns for major brands in Europe, but have been declined 3 times this year by the embassies , with little to no reason, even with all the right documents & work permit present in their applications .
It’s been quite a traumatic time for my team and I, from daily embassy visits, tears, expectations, but in the end still no positive results.
Which way Nigeria….🤷🏽‍♀
While we continue to support these models , and change the face of the Nigerian MODELLING industry , we passionately appeal to those in charge to help resolve these issues and also take adequate measures to deal with unscrupulous Nigerians that are tarnishing the image of hard working model agencies .
If not handled timely, it would be the end of the modelling industry in Nigeria. A Big thank you @desiuk for all your support so far❤️ #ranting #models #industry #embassy #nigeria #wewontgiveup

That been said , who will help theese models ? As there are not enough high paying jobs for them back home here . Not from the advert agencies moreless the fashion industry . We hope we will hear some positive news soon . #wewontgiveup

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