Hse of Nwocha debuts Tata Collection Influenced by Wife of Pablo Escobar



Nigerian women’s wear brand Hse of Nwocha showcased her Spring/ Summer 18 women’s Ready- to- Wear collection at ARISE FW Lagos.

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The “TATA” collection was inspired by theatre and arts, Ugonna’s love for film and costume design continues to drive her creative process.

The TATA collection is set in 1980s Colombia, and its named after the wife of Pablo Escobar. The TATA collection is inspired by a tale of love, romance, feminine strength,  eternal loyalty and Catholicism.

Where there is fragmentation, there is growth. In the face of uncertainty,often times we find strength and confidence.

The HON woman’s strength and confidence is paramount to her outward appearance hence the modern yet classic silhouettes, which are the designer’s true aesthetic were paired beautifully with hand made  headpieces. Through the sassy uneven helms, voluminous peasant sleeves, form fitting and show of skin, feminine strength shown through the collection.

60% of the collection was handmade and the focus was to create a visual but subtle experience of luxurious apparel that looks and feels personalised for the consumer.

This collection personified the strength of nude earth tones with a touch of red. Pops of primary colours- blue, red and yellow were seen in luxe fabrics including french lace, mesh lace, neoprene and organza.


HSE OF NWOCHA is a definitively a lifestyle brand created for all. It is a line that is sexy and intricate. Powerful and impeccable. The long term vision is to create modern classic apparel that is luxurious, trendy and practical.



Art Director: Obinna Omeruo | @obinnaomerruo
Photography: Kunmi Owopetu | @kunmi.owopetu
Makeup: Beauty by Omalicha | @beautybyomalicha
Model: Susan Garland | @susangarland_

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