Jurio Luti debuts The Royal Agbada Collection

jurio luti

Nigerian fashion brand Jurio Luti has dropped a new Agbada collection named The Royal.

Inspired by the south western rich heritage in Nigeria, the designs rewrite exquisite traditional attire for the contemporary man.

jurio luti

The Royal collection by Jurio Luti brings the best of artistry to create timelessly sophisticated looks. A touch of splendor to your special occasion.

The designs which consist of three pieces of clothing generally of the same colour are made from cotton, synthetic fabrics and crepe, which are cut and richly embroidered in traditional patterns made for stylish men of different sizes that wish to be seen as royalties.
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Pieces from the collection are readily available to be shopped online and at Jurio Luti store in Lagos.

Designs: @jurio_luti
Photography: @pixxelfactory
Muse: @iamisaiahsamson
Shoes: @jurio_luti

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