Luxury Menswear Fashion Designer – Evans Akere of Vanskere Unveils Vanskere Home

evans akere

+ Vanskere Successful Acquisition of 57 Interiors Design Company

It’s not been a bad year for luxury menswear brand –  Vanskere as the Creative director – Mr Evans Akere is expanding the shores of his business further with the acquisition of 57 Interiors, a Lagos-based interior design company that specializes in made-in-Nigeria furniture.

evans akere

Recently, the luxury menswear brand announced that it acquired 57 Interiors and will now be known as Vanskere Home. This will enable the established fashion brand to take up its own space in the ever evolving and competitive sector of luxury lifestyle living .

Vanskere Home and Vanskere will continue to operate as separate brands. Head designer of VanskereEvans Akere confirmed that Vanskere will assist Vanskere Home in designing and conceptualization.

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The acquisition by Vanskere will allow Vanskere Home to expand its geographic reach and the scale of its projects.

According to Mr Evans Akere … “We have long admired 57 Interiors and believe this is a strategic opportunity for both companies and, more importantly, for our clients,”

This is another remarkable move in the expansion of the Vanskere brand as its new diffusion brand – Signore Fusion had recently been established and their latest collection debuted its first female collection since inception.


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