Meet Nigeria’s Millinery Masters

Nigerian milliners

+A Salute to their Innovativeness and Strength

The art of millinery has grown over he years. They have shifted from the religious only fashion accessory to becoming everyday must have fashion accessories. Now everyone who is into the craft of this unique fashion accessory is referred to as a milliner but only a few can be termed a masters of the craft on account of their innovation to the industry , exposure and consistency over the years . Over time, some of these home grown brands have not only represented the country at global high profile shows and events, they have also been worn by world class celebrities. In the listing , we profile a few of these master crafters in no particular order .

Nigerian milliners

– Eme Akenzua- j3vs3

Eme Akenzua is an avid entrepreneur with over 20years of business experience. She is the founder of John 3V3 Hats, a renowned upscale millinery business which started out in 1991. Through hardwork and dedication, Eme Akenzua has grown her brand as it now spans across several countries like France, Italy, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Dubai and many more. She has participated in various exhibitions and trade fairs and featured several international media like BBC and CNN as well as International magazines. The John 3V3 brand boasts of unique designs that radiate elegance,  sophistication and class as well as an enviable clientele.

She is the founder of the John 3V3 School of fashion and etiquette, the 1st World class fashion school in Nigeria offering a comprehensive program in various aspects of fashion education, training, research and consultancy.


– Ene Lawani – Enemaya

Ene Maya Lawani shot into limelight in 2004 when she was crowned Miss Nigeria, the longest serving beauty queen in the country. After keeping a low profile for years, she bounced back with the launch of her headgear brand ‘Ene Maya’.

The Ene Maya Collection is a combination of head wraps, scarves and accessories and the brand prides itself in creating modern day pill boxes, fascinators and turbans. The Ene Maya brand was the pioneer in reforming the traditional turbans to everyday slip on over ceremonial headpieces. The Enemaya crystal veil piece is definitely one of a kind, simple yet elegant.

– Ijeure Onwadike – Urez culture –

Urezkulture is a multiple award-winning accessory Nigerian brand that was created in the year 2008. Owned by Ijeure Onwadike, the brand – Urezkulture is known within and outside of Nigeria for its beautiful, dramatic and exquisite accessories that could fit any occasion. Accessories like Head pieces, Hats, Neckwear, Earrings, and Facial Accessories etc The Urezkulture brand has been around since 2008  and it was was born out of the desire for creativity and the desire to bring to reality, inspirations that would wow any one and make the wearer  stand out. Ijeure Onwadike has had her work featured on CNN, British Vogue, Essence Magazine just to mention a few.


– Nkese Akinwunmi – Hatabelles

A milliner with over 15 years of expertise who has spared nothing in bringing out collection after collection – Nkese Akinwunmi is the creative founder of Hattabelles Couture. Nkese Akinwunmi who has learned from other milliners across the world makes statement pieces to serve as a form of self expression for the modern women.
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Each Hattabelles collection showcases intricate and exquisite designs that appeals to the classy woman. With the use of materials like exotic feathers, leather, silk, laces and crystals, Hattabelles produces contemporary pill boxes, turbans, fascinators, wand fans, percher hats and bridal millinery. Nkese Akinwunmi through various hat making courses has transferred her expertise to other milliners.


– Chito Grace Mark- Grace’s Hats

The  first known hat retail store in Lagos in was opened by Grace Mark of Grace’s Hat in the year 1990 after coming in from Enugu to Lagos. Grace Mark started making hats while in secondary school with encouragement from her sister. She started it initially for herself then she started receiving orders to make for people and the brand Grace’s Hat was born.

Grace Mark studied Economics and Management at IMT, Enugu and though her father wanted her to go into banking but she decided to stick with her passion for hat making.

Some of her clientele include Hajia Abbah Folawiyo, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, Funmi Ajila, Oprah Winfery  and Michelle Obama. Some of her hats have been featured on CNN.


– Onyinye – House of Nyi Nyi

– Their fascinators are simply fascinating. Their craftsmanship is regarded as top notch among their peers . Every piece was made with intent – To turn heads . To this end , House of Nyi Nyi is regarded as one of the most patronised of these times .

–  Kingsley Asim Ita – Itam by King’s Signature

– Kingsley Asim Ita was born into a family of hat makers. His grandmother, mother and aunt sold hats at different stages of his life. He started sketching hat designs for his aunt who took them to a factory in the UK to be manufacturered. After graduating from school as an architect, Kingsley went back to study millinery and he officially began his own line in the year 2012.

One of his works, Million Peacock Feathers was worn by one of his Russian clients for the Dubai World Cup.


Fascinators by Omoge –   An Award winning creative milliner and tutor..with over 10years experience. She  Creates Unique headwears and teach the art of hatmaking.
Helping women look Classy ,Stunning and attain a high level of self confidence in our carefully handcrafted exquisite headwears ..(Hat,Fascinator,Turbans,Headbands etc)

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