Meet Tawa Beauty who Uses Makeup as A Tool for Protest & Activism


In recent times of protests and activism , we discovered a makeup brand – Tawa Beauty (TB) is a brand fueled by a profound passion for harnessing the potential of makeup as a potent tool for protest and activism. They firmly believe that makeup possesses the ability to ignite meaningful conversations and inspire societal transformation. Each product within the Tawa Beauty lineup represents a carefully crafted piece of protest art, embodying creativity, elegance, and radiance.


At the core of Tawa Beauty lies an unwavering commitment to giving back and effecting positive change in their society. They have dedicated themselves to utilizing their platform to champion charitable causes and extend assistance to those in need. As their belief lies in the transformative power of education which them to provide informative content that raises awareness surrounding urgent societal and political issues.

The inspiration behind Tawa Beauty stems from the personal experiences and profound observations of founder, Ola Amajie. Witnessing the pervasive injustices in society, Ola was driven by an unwavering desire to effect change and continually amplify awareness. She articulates her motivation succinctly, stating, “I established Tawa Beauty with the aim of raising awareness of critical issues prevailing in our society as I believe art has the power to evoke emotions and start conversations.”

At Tawa Beauty, they hold a steadfast belief in the potential of makeup as a form of protest and activism.

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