Nigerian Make Up Artist Recovers From Cancer, Shares Journey


Nigerian Make Up Artist Recovers From Cancer, Shares Journey

International Nigerian Make up artist, Bunticia announced she has cancer  a while ago on her page, she went further to say the ailment had gone beyond cure and was only counting down to her days on earth. For the story, Read HERE

The Nigerian make up artist recovers from cancer, as she shares pictures of herself in different stages of recovery.

Let’s LIGHTEN the mood. I wish I had a joke to tell you LMAO. To my daughter Roxanne your mom love @roxanne.crayton @bkjaycray my son Justin your mom loves you. @tamikayoland Tamika Burton my newest child I love ❤️ you. Please follow all three and pray and look after them as I would have done to your babies. Please pray with them and comfort them keep them close and strong. I thank you with my whole mind, my whole heart ❤️, my whole strength PLEASE do this for me. Talk Soon Buntricia

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UPDATE…..I was moved from The Intensive Care Unit ICU to regular room today….They removed one of my breathing devices……They are telling that once they remove my High Flow Oxygen which is 40%……I will need it lowered to 5% to leave for home…..They think that they put me down here to die…..BUT I am still fighting…..Man Plans But God Purposes……Please keep your prayers going let’s prove them wrong…… I have to step off a plane ….. I Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers….Still here….I love ❤️ you all…Talk Soon Buntricia

Good morning I am still waiting on a decision about my surgery a lot of things keep changing but I wait patience on Jehovah the final decision maker I leave all in his hands …I got out of bed yesterday and I am sitting in a chair I sat for over two hours Hugh improvement I love ❤️ you guys please keep me in your prayers…Talk Soon Buntricia

UPDATE I have gotten out of bed and I have been WALKING Eating and responding to all the medication the Doctors are baffled they don’t understand what is happening they are getting ready to move me from ICU they are baffled and perplexed but we know I know you know it’s no one but Jehovah himself I smile as they try to figure it out ….Again Thank you for you continued prayers…..Talk Soon Buntricia

UPDATE I leave the hospital tomorrow for rehab no surgery what so ever this is what happens when you wait on Jehovah your prayers are truly powerful. Side note if you have a friend or a loved one with cancer you must remove sugar from their diet cancer feeds on sugar if there is no sugar there will be no cancer. Talk Soon Buntricia

UPDATE I arrived yesterday at the rehab facility I am at the perfect place for my needs they even take you to all your doctors appointments. Jehovah always knows best. Talk Soon Buntricia

We pray for quick recovery, Buntricia

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