Personality : Lawyer turned Celebrity Chef – Tiyan Alile


Tiyan Alile, president of the Culinary Arts Practicioners Association in Nigeria is a Nigerian– American celebrity chef and restaurateur. Tiyan established the first culinary school in Nigeria  known as “Culinary Academy” and also the founder of Matchsticks concept which was established in 2003. In 2015, Tiyan launched her restaurant “Tarragon” which was named after her favorite spice and it is located in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Tiyan had a cupcake store in high school called Tea time cupcakes but she officially began working in culinary arts in 1999 at a grill house in Ibadan known as Tees Hot Bites.
Tiyan Alile does not just cook alone, she teaches at various culinary schools and has taught various masterclasses both home and abroad. She has been involved in planning a number of event and delivering masterclasses at the Fiesta of Flavors Food Fairs, the GT Bank food and drink fair and also the Mzansi Culinary Festival in South Africa. She is not only amazing at what she does but she  is also bringing up young talents to be just as talented as she is which leads to her launching of the African Young Chefs Competition (AYCC), a platform for young African chefs with a focus on African Cuisine which was launched in 2017.
Tiyan Alile’s skills are recognized and appreciated around the globe so we are not surprised that she has won several awards including “World Luxury Restaurant Award for fine   dining and food presentation”. She really is making waves.
Our celebrity chef actually studied law and practiced in the field for 10 years before going to study at the L’ Academic cuisine in Ireland and switching to cuisine as these two fields are her passion, so now we can say that she has satisfied both.
When Tiyan is not found with her hands in the dough or her spoon in the pot, she enjoys calming her inner Zen with Yoga or tapping her feet to jazz music.

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