Places On Your Face To Apply Highlighter

Learning how to use the highlighter on your skin is key to achieving a radiant make-up look as it can instantly make your eyes pop, define your face and also create symmetry. So ladies let’s get the glow on.

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1. Highlight the bridge or tip of your nose
Apply your choice of highlighter makeup down the bridge of your nose or on the tip to accentuate it and make it appear thinner.
2. Beneath the arch of your eyebrows
By highlighting beneath the arch of your eyebrows, your eyes will appear well rested and the shape of your eyebrows will look more defined.
3. Above the arch of your eyebrows
This is just as important as applying it beneath. It helps define your brows and accentuate your eyes.
4. The center of your forehead
Applying highlighter to the center of your forehead will create a more contoured face, especially if you apply bronzer to your temples. Also it presents the forehead from looking flat.
5. Above your cupid’s bow
Use your highlighter to draw eyes to your lips as it creates the appearance of fuller lips.
6. Center of your chin
This is also a very key spot to apply highlighter. Though it may seem unnecessary but it’ll pay off, helping you achieve a more defined and contoured appearance.
7. Your cheekbones
This is a very common place for people to apply highlighter because it creates a more defined and contoured facial structure while also giving your skin a more youthful appearance.
8. Center of the eyelid
This is a very unsuspecting spot to highlight but it can make a big difference. This trick helps in making your eyes twinkle.
Writer: Temiloluwa Erinfolami

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