Reasons the Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Sector Were Affected Badly After the Lekki Toll Saga In Lagos

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The recent vandalism that took place in Lagos since the Lekki toll gate saga has grossly affected so many businesses and people. The fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector were worst hit and this raises the question which is-  What attracted looters to these stores. However, we must note that some of the hoodlums came across book stores and didn’t loot anything. Hence, it is necessary to examine what might have motivated them to loot the stores.

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1. These hoodlums think the fashion items are luxurious products. Stemmed from their level of ignorance , poverty and incapacity to afford the products on display at theses shops.
2. The owners of fashion shops are perceived to be very rich . The hoodlums do not understand that not every fashion store owner is very rich and they are also struggling to create employment and earn a living for themselves to take care of their family.
3. Unemployment & Illiteracy has eaten deep into the society- The level of unemployed youth in the country has affected the society badly till the extent all people think of is how to make money quickly . This has made fashion and lifestyle shops high targets for looting as they think the products there are expensive and might earn them some money.
4.Location – All of a sudden having a shop along the road doesn’t seem to be a good sales strategy anymore as they have become the low hanging fruits of destruction . Most malls along the road were easy target while most in inner locations were saved .
5. Lack of proper security – Most of these malls have security guards with no additional military or armed personnel. Hence in no time, they are out numbered and flee for their own safety .
In conclusion , these hoodlums do not know, they have done more harm than good to the society. The hoodlums do not know that when they loot those shops they are depriving a lot of people employments- Including their family members . They do not  understand that people in their communities who have jobs in those vandalized shops might lose their Jobs because of their actions.
How do we solve these problems? It is necessary we all take it upon ourselves to educate everyone at every corner of the community that looting shops won’t only affect business owners but will affect the whole community.

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