Retiring also does not seem to be on the agenda as Cher Launches New Genderless Perfume




Cher is launching a new, genderless perfume.

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The pop icon has been working on the scent for four years and it’s called Eau de Couture by Cher. The fragrance is a spicy, vanilla oriental fragrance with notes of bergamot, neroli, jasmine and vetiver.⁣
According to Cher who loves Twitter and her favorite way to communicate emotion is through emojis. “I started out with emojis because I’m dyslexic.…I also think, and this is what I think is the genius of emoji, is emoji are like hieroglyphs.” ⁣
She goes on to say …..Retiring also does not seem to be on the agenda. Someone said, ‘Shouldn’t you retire?’ and I said, ‘Shouldn’t you ask Mick Jagger that?,” Cher said. ⁣

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