The Buba and Iro Remix by Nigerian Designers


Call it recycling, call it revolution, one thing we are sure of is fashion style never dies, okay; we could say the style faded or let us say we outgrew them.

We will be taking a walk down memory lane with the Iro and Buba, that is the traditional Yoruba women attire, though it is not known to the Yoruba alone anymore as other African tribes have embraced this fashion style.

Growing up, we saw our mothers look good in this style, that is the round cut neck, oversized hand, straight cut wrapper, same style for everyone, no matter your fabric or the price of your fabric.

Here are a few of these designers and their idea of today’s Iro and Buba.

Komole by Deola Sagoe

Komole is the name of Deola’s iro and buba and this has been a favourite of most elite brides on their special day. The style is made from her signature silk aso oke fabric intricately designed with laser cut outs. The entire traditional 2 piece outfit creates silhouettes that flatter any figure or body of its wearer.

Alaine by Celine

She put a new spin on the traditional Nigerian womenswear classic, the iro, and buba. By making faux wrapper: skirts and dresses sewn to give the illusion of an iro, without the trouble of tying a traditional one. The stripes did get our attention. Who knew?


Turfah’s iro and buba is the latest sensation on the block. They come in volume enhanced blouse styles – bows, ruffles and a generous amount of fabric along the iro over the smart looking wrapper (buba), though it is mostly in rich tone colors of silk fabric

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Odio Mimonat

There is never anything usual with this designer . She is like the gift that keeps on giving .  She has her designs stenciled; you don’t see a stenciled aso-oke often. By the way, it is called the Aadun series.

Omoge Creation

With the infusion frill in their designs, Omoge creation has stamped it on mark  on the iro and buba style.

Funke Adepoju

Anywhere you see the Iro and Buba with the fringe ends, you know it has the FA stamp on it . Her extension of the wrapper by embellishing with fringe details gives it a sexy vibe . Think Great Gatsby meets African Traditional vibe.

Ituen Basi

With 2 latest designs named – Nkoyo collection which is the laser cut Ankara design and the Lape & Salewa collection which is made with sequins. Ituen Basi has always kept her interpretations quite interesting as she started out by reviving the age long Oleku trend in the most colorful way in Ankara, denim and leather.

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lawal dolapo

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