Top 10 Nigerian Fashion Designers of 2020


2020 has gone and the New year is here . Despite it being a challenging year , what we witnessed was more creative ideas being birthed while the normal took the back burner.  With the absence of shows and red carpets , some fashion brands were not head about in 2020 ( we wonder why ) But yet there were those who kept the wheel turning . Here are a few of these brands and how they kept things interesting in 2020- In No Particular Order .

1- Imade Eduso- They added loads of colour to our fashion season with their rich tones and satin signature fabric . With simple cuts and structured designs , Imade Eduso constantly registered its presence .

imade eduso

2- Tzar- Steadily making its mark in the fashion industry with its unusual style and sometimes ovesized designs , Tzar got world recognition when Naomi attended the Arise fashion week – 30 under 30 , where she strutted in his female agbada piece .

3-Moofa – The social media page of this fashion brand became so addictive on account of their ever evolving pieces . From tier dresses to hand painted shirt dresses , Moofa kept us updating our wardrobe staples.


4-Matopeda- If its not Claire Sulmers of Fashion om daily , Its world renowned beauty Influencer – Jackie Aina flaunting one of her embellished wears . We can comfortably say she had a good year both home and abroad .


5- Signore Fusion by Vanskere- The mix of the Afrocentric and sporty vibe drove conversations for this menswear brand .


6-Banke kuku- Her exclusive print , feathered embellished pieces complimented her tasseled bags and we were loving every piece.

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7- Onalaja- Who can forget the strong comeback after a brief break ? After launching their flagship store in Lagos , their much awaited collection was modeled by Old women who modeled the luxe pieces beautifully .

8- Trax Apparel- New on our radar, we were not expecting such casual pieces with a huge dose of indigenous influence . They really did make a grand entry in style .

trax apparel

9-Kenneth Ize- Who better than Kenneth Ize to raise the bar and keep it flying . 2020 was really his year , from having a slot in the coveted Vogue magazine alongside Anna Wintour and other world fashion greats to winning the $100,000  Arise fashion 30 under 30 prize . And did we mention the cover outfit of hollywood actress – Viola Davies for Instyle magazine.

kenneth ize
10- Ceo Mania Alasoke- For a female dominated sector , this creative behind the indigenous fashion brand has re invented the ideas of what the aso oke fabric could be used for .

ceo alasoke



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