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Hey Beloveds, welcome to another edition of UNFILTERED REALNESS with FOLA FRANCIS.

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It’s officially fashion season, and obviously there are already tons of fashion events and parties all over the place.
On the 8th of September 2019, I attended the Elite Model Look East and West Africa, Which took place at the Eko hotel and suites. The call time on the invitation I got was 6:30pm, but we can all agree to the fact that Nigerians and punctuality are sworn enemies. The event did not start until 8:30pm.
Some of the Crème de la crème of Lagos were in attendance at the event. The likes of Toke Makinwa, Fifi Dilly, Sharon Ooja, Tobi Bakare, Ozinna, Idia Aisien, Denola Grey, Denrele, Pretty Mike, Tania Omotayo etc.
The host of the night was Ill Rymz.
The judges of the competition were Omoyemi Akerele of Lagos fashion week,  Tosin of the style infidel, Lisa Folawiyo, Bola Balogun PR maven, and Sandy Lowe of Elite model world.
Omoyemi, Lisa and Bola strutted into the hall late like some high school mean girls after the show already started 15 mins ago. That was so uncool.
All 26 male and female models first walked the runway in black tees and denim shorts and pants. At first I couldn’t tell who was who because they all looked alike. Then they came out in work out outfit, although the intro for the work out show was a bit weird, but we went with it. Some of the models looked good in the workout fit, especially a young lady named RAYAN from Ghana rocking a huge natural ginger hair. She had a very striking look, but sadly her walk was a No No , so I wasn’t rooting for her to win.
There were very few guys that looked good in my opinion, but most of them just looked skinny and premature. After the workout lewks, the ladies came out stunning in Andrea Iyamah.
After the gals left the runway stage, the guys came out all in tight shorts, the ladies in the audience were hardly drooling, because all the boys literally looked like 12 year olds, and I’m sure no one would want to be perceived as a pedophile. There was only one guy that stood out for me, his name is Kevin from Nigeria, he had a nice physique and walked well. The rest were just so young, which is not a bad thing by the way. I’m just gisting y’all.
The ladies came out again in HUE BY IDERA, the pieces were stunning and so chic. I couldn’t get my eyes off two dark skinned models though, their skins were so beautiful, and they walked well. Lela from Kenya and Monique from Rwanda. They were dripping in melanin goodness. There was also a particular model that stood out for me, her name is Naomi from Nigeria, she looked like she was over the entire competition, and have had enough of it all. Her walk was so nonchalant and ghetto AF.(lmao) it was so funny.
After the ladies cleared the stage, the guys came out wearing WUMAN. Nice pieces but nothing worth gagging over.
Again the ladies came out rocking ZIVA LAGOS, very basic pieces. If I may add, pretty basic for any kind of runway. Aother buzz kill was that the looks were paired with pumps, like what happened to all the sandals and strap heels in the world??? For the “hot girl summer looks”
Then the guys came out again in I.N OFFICIAL, which of course wasn’t basic in anyway. I was totally in love with every piece, and wanted them all in my closet.
After the boys walked, we enjoyed a little performance from emerging artist FIREBOY. Right after that, the ladies stomped the stage again in LANRE DA SILVA AJAJI, I was living for all the pieces. I mean it’s LDA, she hardly disappoints. The pieces she showed looked so lux, there were sequins, ostrich feathers, Damask, little fascinators, fringes, metallic pieces, silks etc.
After the ladies walked, the top fives were picked from both categories.
And while the contestants were resting backstage, the host decided to pick the best dressed in the audience, which is actually their annual thing, but this time there were bunch of nominees from the audience brought on stage to walk the runway, while the rest of us in the crowd voted by cheering and screaming who the best dressed was. Some of the nominees were Toke Makinwa, Denrele, Denola Grey, Tobi Bakare, Idia Aisien, Sharon Ooja and some other questionable nominees, others might even ask why were they on stage? Because they were in the most basic outfit. I felt so embarrassed for them, especially because literally no one screamed when they were pointed at to vote for. Just tragic!
Well Denrele won the best dressed male category, and Idia Aisien won the female’s.
Before I forget, one of my highlight of that night was when Toke Makinwa walked in, and sashayed straight to the front row while her ex Maje Ayida was lurking and standing in the back. (I LIVED)
After the best dressed were chosen and left the stage, the top fives came back on stage, and the winners were picked. Tashana from Ghana, and Jeff from Rwanda. They weren’t my favorite amongst the bunch, but I wasn’t mad at them winning. Although I think they intentionally didn’t pick Nigerians to win because they were trying to make it clear, it’s not just about Nigerians anymore but East and West Africa. But that’s just my thought, might not be accurate.
Anyways congratulations to the winners, and also congratulations to Elite model look Nigeria for such a great night.
Elohor of Beth Modelling agency
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