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Hey people, I’m back to writing after a long overdue hiatus. Let me reintroduced myself. My name is Fola Francis, and this is my column “Unfiltered Realness”. Which is basically where I give my honest two cents about events I attend.

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So last weekend was all about the premier of “The Bling Lagosian”. It’s safe to say it’s one of the most anticipated movie premiers in 2019. The movie was said to be a glimpse into the lifestyle of the “1% of the 1% Lagosians”, which pretty much means the super wealthy people.(rolling eyes)
It was a 3 days premier. I was ready and looking forward to a bougie weekend, my expectations were high. I picked out three outfits for each days, and made sure they all went with the theme, which was “Eko for show”.
The first day of the premier was on Saturday the 15th June, the event was kinda like a meet and greet situation at a luxury store in Lekki “Florence H”. It was themed “Sip, Shop & Dance”. According to the IV sent it was supposed to start for 3pm, but I got there for 4:30pm because I know Nigerians. But to my greatest surprise, by the time I got there they were still setting up the backdrop. I was so irritated, but waited it out. The event finally started at past 6pm.
Oh I must mention, the Florence H store is super beautiful and luxurious. But they should have just invited only “the 1% of the 1%” they were talking about to the event, because normal human being like me can’t afford jack in that store (lmao, I mean not yet anyways). The only help I could render was help them consume some alcohol.
I legit saw a pair of slides for 250,000 naira, and that was the cheapest item I spotted. I was gagging the entire time while sipping on white and red wine. There were unlimited supplies of wine, mocktails and intercontinental finger foods.
In attendance was Bayo Oke-Lawal, Jane Michael Ekanem, Noble Igwe, the movie director Bolanle Austen-Peters, some of the movie casts and bunch of other personalities.
Fast forward to the main day. The “worldwide premier of The Bling Lagosians. Which took place on Sunday the 16th June, at the IMAX cinemas Lekki.
The red carpet started for 6pm, I arrived by 7:05pm. The red carpet was already buzzing, there were glitz and glam everywhere. Saw so many ridiculous outfits but what’s my own, kept it moving. It’s been a while I was in the scene, so I told myself I wasn’t gonna do any red carpet.
Let me quickly talk about what I wore. Chillee I was serving. I looked amazing, I knew it, everyone knew it. I was wearing a sheer tee, glittering pants from Maju, and cape from Desire shop, paired with brown vintage shoes. I felt like Andre Leon Talley, no caps.
Back to the gist. The ambience was lush, almost everyone looked beautiful, keyword “almost”. The bars were open, endless supplies of champagne (which is one of my favorite things in life), there were small chops everywhere, mini boxes of pizza from “Dominos”, ice cream from “Cold Stone” and “Pink Berry”, malt from Amstel Malta, you could literally have as many as you want. The crowd was crazy, and everyone was having a good time.
It was everything I expected.
The movie was set to start for 8:15pm, and it started around that time. The storyline is amazing, the movie is real, relatable, and had lot of tasteful humor. The casts were all on point. My favorite characters from the movie are, Mope Holloway played by Elvina Ibru, Nnamdi played by Alex Ekubo, Venya played by Denola Grey, and Dunni Played by Toyin Abraham.
I genuinely enjoyed the movie. Kudos to Bolanle Austen-Peters, the movie director.
After we finished watching the movie, stylist Teni Oluwo and her muse Daala Oruwari were both named best dressed. But I didn’t think Teni Oluwo deserved to be named best dressed because there was just too much going on with her outfit that weren’t connecting. But I do think her muse Daala deserved it? Yes I do. I was living for the vintage Aso Oke vibe, and the Sisi Eko aesthetics. Although Lagos Photographer and creative Laila Cadne called them out for copying her work without giving her some credit.
I saw the movie for the second time on Monday the 17th of June at the press reception in Terra Kulture, just to see if I’d enjoy it as much as I did the first time. And the gag is I did. But I also spotted some flaws.
At one of their fancy parties, they were drinking a one thousand naira white wine. I cringed when I saw the label, because I literally bought the same brand some days back for a thousand naira. That obviously doesn’t go with the aesthetics of the “1% of the 1%.
Also I could tell the “St Ives” symbol on the tower was graphically modified, because the PowerPoint edit was slightly flickery.
Other than these little defects, it was an amazing movie, and you definitely need to watch it, I know for sure I’m gonna watch it again.
It’s gonna be out everywhere on the 28th June 2019.

Thanks for reading. Xoxo 

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