10 Must-Have Summer Pieces

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The summer holidays are here and there is literally NOWHERE TO GO – No thanks to the ragging Pandemic. Although we have Summer all the year round , the buzz of the summer holidays and the adventures it offers is what excites us the most .

As the heat of the sun remains un repentantly intense; our Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle choices are altered to suit the weather. Most importantly , our choices this time around are not the same we have been making over time because of the rules of staying alive , which are social Distancing , wearing face masks , Hand washing etc but irrespective , here is Part 1 of  some Summer Must Have Pieces .

Sunglasses can double up as face shields and vice versa . While sunglasses have become more dramatic each passing day , they will ever remain a summer staple .


This will enable you not to forget to carry your post Corona Items like face shields, face mask , hand sanitizers , Medical wipes and whatever safety materials you need asides your everyday handbag essentials . Personalised logos on Totes are hot this season .

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These are never going away , as they do not just shield you from the sun but they also protect your  face from those unwanted particles in the air (worn with a face mask of course ) . As the brims have become wider and some actually have in- built face shields, it is advisable these head coverings are also Covid- 19 safe – Easy to disinfect  .

Nice kicks give you good vibes in the summertime. Sneakers help you navigate freely, both in busy and less busy times. They are more versatile now as they have taken the place of our heels and very serious shoes especially these days that casual wear are now topping the fashion list .


In very hot summer weather, the maxi dress in its volume is highly recommended. Despite their volume, the porosity of the fabric e.g. Cotton fabric ,  helps aerate the body , giving off a cool feel anytime they are being worn .  helps the breeze to blow into your body, cooling off.

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