Meet Salamat & Salihat Rahaman of Abaya Lagos: The Rise of the Nigerian Fashion Falcons


The un identical duo like most twins , still switch personalities from time to time, being twins and hanging around each other constantly…Originally Salihat seemed conservative on the outside, yet with quite the imagination while Salamat was more outgoing , despite their individual personalities, they  are the most adventurous together- taking amazing trips, starting out-of-the-box businesses, etc. Initially , Saliahat had little or no room for luxury when it came to getting dressed, so she came up with the idea of a clothing that would be easy for women on the go to slip into while still feeling classy and elegant.

The brand, Abaya Lagos was established in 2014 by twin sisters –Salihat Rahaman (Architect ) and Salmat Rahaman (Engineer) who started the brand out as a form of experiment to see how well the blend of  comfort and modest wear with a modern style twist could thrive in a typical  Nigerian setting. With a strong passion for charity projects also, the Rahaman sisters run a charity called Marhaba which means welcome in Arabic. It is an annual Ramahdan soup kitchen where they feed the poor during the month of Ramahdan.



Salihat Rahaman

Salihat Rahaman holds a Bachelor of Environmental studies (Architecture) as well as a Masters of Environmental Design in Architecture from the University of Lagos. She is an ARCON registered architect and has been practicing since 2006. Due to the nature of her architectural profession, she is actually the initiator of the entire Abaya Lagos brand the creative director of the Abaya brand. However, her twin sister is her  main critic and sounding board for concepts samples and more importantly business decisions.

Her love for creativity stemmed from having a fashionable mother as well as being surrounded by people of fashion while growing up.

According to her ….. I’ve always been the artistic one, always drawing, especially clothes (even from as far back as 8 years old, I would try to draw what the news casters on the network news were wearing, etc)…

Salihat Rahaman
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In a recent interview , Salihat Rahaman admitted  that they once started a magazine!

According to her…..” it was called “Ref:” as pertaining to the magazine being a reference point for everything style, pop culture and real life issues. Basically for people who like to actually *read* magazines…. Our Nigerian Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone Magazine.It was ok for the time (circa 2006)… We managed to have two issues, but somewhere along the line printing became an issue and the concept of e-publications was not very popular. Imagine if someone from the future oils would come back to tell us what 2020 would be like we might’ve stuck to it. Lol


Salamat Rahaman

Salamat , is the director on the board of Abaya Lagos .  A passionate and driven female Engineer turned oil and gas entrepreneur behind the  I founded Easygas . The Civil Engineer who started of her career at Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) from 2006 to 2013 before she fully launched Easygas Energy Solutions Limited- that distributes and retails LPG to households, businesses and hospitality establishments. Currently, Easygas operates an LPG Dispensing Skid Station in Ajah, and delivers gas to wherever it is needed within the Lagos metropolis.

Salamat Rahaman

According to Salmat , ……”I created solutions leveraging tech to reduce the risks and difficulties around easily accessing LPG, which is the major cooking fuel use in my country. This involves developing a logistics network to ensure quality control and reduce delivery times, a maintenance system that radically reduces the everyday risks the average home or business is exposed to by keeping gas canisters in their homes/businesses and building an operational management system that manages so many moving parts of our growing business to ensure efficiency and sustainable growth while providing the solutions that take away the inconvenience of procuring and managing regular gas supply issues”…… Salamat’s business module has successfully been able to bridge the gap between the service provider and the end consumer by running her business via a web app whereby people can order for gas refills and pay online while the gas is delivered to their location. The web app also offers the consumer options of after-sale services such as repair and maintenance of cylinders. All this can be requested via the app.

She was recently selected as one of the 5 women who were  awarded $10,000 of the Standard Chartered Nigeria Women in Tech Incubator Program. A program that is focused on rewarding female-led businesses in the country.

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