10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer 


Breast cancer prevention starts with healthy habits. Though some risk factors such as family history cannot be changed, there are still lifestyle changes you can make to lower your risk of having breast cancer.

Below are 10 lifestyle modifications to reduce your risk of breast cancer;

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– Avoid exposure to radiation and environmental pollution by reducing your exposure to medical imaging methods and having tests only when absolutely necessary.

– Be physically active. Physical activity helps you maintain a healthy weight.

– Eat diets rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy fats while reducing your intake of processed foods.

– Limit alcohol consumption as there is a consistent association between the amount of alcohol regularly consumed and the risk of breast cancer.

– Reduce or avoid sugar sweetened beverages rather choose water or unsweetened beverages.

– Avoid birth control pills particularly after the age of 35. Though it has its benefits, avoiding birth control pills is one option to lower risk.

– Stop smoking as it wears the immune system of one of the bodies best defense against cancer.

– Limit hormone replacement therapy as the long term use of estrogen and progestins to manage menopausal symptoms increases the risk of breast cancer.

– Learn to control your weight as being overweight particularly after menopause increases your risk of breast cancer.

– Check yourself regularly. Pay attention to your body so you know when it’s changing.






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