What To Wear And What Not To Wear To A Protest


It is really no news that demonstrations against police brutality are taking place in cities across Nigeria as protests are still going strong. The protest is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with people who are fighting for the same cause as you are and what started out on social media has become a full blown movement. We all know these protests are meant to be peaceful but as we’ve seen it has ended up turning violent. So here are some tips on what to wear and what not to wear to a protest so you can ensure a level of safety and comfort-ability.

– When going for a protest, wear clothing in solid colors and dense fabrics that show less skin which keeps your skin safe in case of Teargas exposure so for this purpose, wear long sleeves and long pants.

– Wear comfortable shoes that will protect your feet from chemical exposure and are easy to run in.

– Wear eye protection like sunglasses to protect your eyes.

– Wear an hat, face cap or beanie that will provide protection from both the sun and chemical weapons.
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– If you’re going to take a bag, it should be lightweight and comfortable to carry.

– Do not wear jewelries to protests. Not only can it easily get broken but it can also pose as an health hazard.

– Do not wear contact lens as chemicals can get trapped underneath them.

– Avoid wearing anything that is loose and could easily be grabbed.

– Also, do not forget to go along with your ID card and phone. You can share your location with one or two people who you trust so they know where you are.

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