15 Nigerian Fast Rising Fashion Brands to Know


The style enterprise can be nicely described as a revolving door . As antique tendencies go away , new ones are available , once in a while the so known as new developments are truly rebranded antique traits . This situation may be likened with our Nigerian style enterprise – With new creative entrants taking their location day by day . Asides the upward push within the adire trend, some of those manufacturers have also curiously customized the adire fashion , with the aid of injecting their very very own person aesthetics and vibe.

It is on this premise we’ve got indexed some ( no longer so new) brands which might be causing pretty a stir within the glamorous industry of favor .These fast rising brands have confirmed there is definitely a shift in attention of things termed interesting and worth acquiring .

15 Nigerian Fast Rising Fashion Brands to Know


– On and off womenswear brand- Hollerose is known for its stylish and timeless pieces. Their recent comeback at the 2022 amvca runway event showed that they had not lost their touch.

Aga Culture

Aga culture collection, brims with colour and inspirations. Inspired by the bright colours of bustling Ibadan street markets and pulsating rhythms of Lagos ,  the colourful  palette has signature detail of  hibiscus prints , drawing of  simple shapes, architectural lines, and bold colours reflecting  the notion of “clothing as art” and ‘clothing as a story board’. The vibrant fashion collection is mainly female, but it also has a mix of androgynous pieces.

The Lady Maker

– The Ladymaker has developed a core aesthetic of understated, strong womanhood.The Ladymaker is known for dedication to fit and a passion for an African interpretation of a well-dressed woman.

Eki Kere – Éki Kéré as a brand celebrates the core African traditions and craftsmanship but in a more contemporary fashion as well as creating artisanal looks and designs that are tailored at tackling fashion waste and leaving a very minimal carbon footprint in the environment.

Abiola Olusola

– Is a contemporary women’s ready to wear and bespoke line with a distinct juxtaposition of minimalist cuts, sleek architecture and African sub cultures and craftsmanship.

Christine Atelier

– Christine’s Atelier is a premium, Couture Millinery, Textile Artistry and Product Design brand in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry.They bring imaginations to life in wearable art.

Vicante Lagos

– Simply known as the art of wearing ,their pieces are simply a work of art . Each collection interprets a new side of sensuality .

Sevon DejanaSevon Dejana is a firm favourite among celebrities with everyone wearing the brand’s stunning couture dresses. From the cut to the style of embellishment , Sevon’s style can not be missed .


– This brand is solely interested in the ways mindful craft informs mindful living. We bring this sensibility to our range of footwears. Departing from largely gendered notions of symmetry in footwear design, kkerelé’s shoes and sandals allow everyone to add a bit of adventure, play and mystery to their wardrobes.


Hertunba is a sustainable fashion brand delivering classy, ready-to-wear clothes for ambitious women. They understand that every woman’s body is different so apart from our regular sizing, we also take in custom sizes to ensure that every piece its its owner perfectly.

Pilz and Poizn

-Pillz & Poizn- Is an avant garde / contemporary luxury that caters to the bold and confident woman exuding sexy femininity with class and pizzazz.


Veekee James

Signore Fusion

-Although Signore is a title of respect equivalent to sir, this brand focuses on inclusivity, thereby blurring the lines of gender walls A brand timely curated for the present from circumstances of current pop culture with  a taste-level peculiar to now, all products are based on a concept that adapts situations and seasons.

Weizdhurm Franklyn

– This women’s fashion brand  creates a blend of African heritage with a modern elegant twist. Each collection and design is carefully crafted to give the ultimate elegance experience to the Weiz Dhrum Franklyn Woman.

Eela Beads



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