18 Years After , Apple To Shut Down iTunes


Nearly two decades after its launch, iTunes revolutionized the music industry, helping drive sales away from physical stores and into the online realm via the iTunes store. The app also allowed users to buy and rent movies, as well as listen to podcasts.

Unfortunately, iTunes will be no more. Bloomberg reports that Apple will announce the end of iTunes at its developer conference next Monday, replacing the all-encompassing media store with separate apps for music, TV, and podcasts on its computers.

CEO Tim Cook will unveil a spread of new features geared to move the company’s focus away from the iPhone starting Monday at the tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference.
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One of these changes is getting rid of iTunes, which has served since 2001 as the home for users’ music, television and podcast libraries. Going forward, three new desktop apps will be unveiled — Music, TV and Podcasts — to house and manage the data. This will match the format already used on iPhones and iPads.

Bloomberg’s report did not specify the fate of the iTunes store.

Other exciting announcements expected an increasing autonomy of the Apple Watch, which currently depends on iPhones to work, revamps to the Health and Reminders apps and a unified app strategy across devices.

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