Abaya Lagos : Breaking Barriers of Culture & Religion with Fashion


Abaya Lagos is a luxury womenswear clothing brand that caters to the fashion needs of the Abaya Lagos  woman who is not afraid to flaunt her discerning taste in fashion . Each piece she puts on is done with intent , owing No Apologies while owning her space and we fashionably love her for her choices.

Over time , the Abaya Lagos(AL) brand has stood out in the creating elegant and classic Abayas, Kaftans &  Kimonos . The brand surfaced at a time when such regal finds were sourced from Dubai and other originating countries . Abaya Lagos stepped up and served us with the much needed Naija versions , creatively weaving our culture and style in each design yet breaking the barriers of culture and religion .

As the AL brand grew, it was only normal that they served a finished look for the AL woman and then came the Turbans which serve fashion options of purpose and versatility. It is fair to say that the brand has beautifully captured the fashion interests of women stemmed from various walks of life , with versatile backgrounds, enabling them comfortable,  modest and timeless wears.

With a strong passion for charity projects also, the Rahaman sisters run a charity called Marhaba which means welcome in Arabic. It is an annual Ramahdan soup kitchen where they feed the poor during the month of Ramahdan.


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