African Style Dominates the London Runway: Highlights from Africa Fashion Week

African Style Dominates the London Runway: Highlights from Africa Fashion Week

Africa Fashion Week London 2023 (AFWL) was an amazing display of the newest styles in fashion, design, and exhibitions from global African creatives. In its thirteenth year, the event showcased its customary exhibition of color, inventiveness, and energy inside the recently opened Pall Mall location of the esteemed Institute of Directors in London.

African Style Dominates the London Runway: Highlights from Africa Fashion Week

Most interesting were – Hertunba , Jurio Luti , Amarelis , David Wej , Simeogieme & Mary Martins



Hertunba showcased the Sound Wave Collection, a vibrant blend of African fashion and the pulsating hues of sound. Each piece captured the emotions and energy of music, resonating with lively colors inspired by the symphony. The visually striking garments showcased innovative design elements, offering a fresh take on African fashion. Celebrating Nigeria and African heritage, expressing individuality, cultural pride, and love for vibrant fashion. Each, items were sustainably and ethically made using upcycled materials, embracing a responsible approach to fashion.


David Wej


In memory of her mom’s kind, light, and free spirit , her strength, femininity, and warmth inspired the free-flowing designs and soft, feminine color prints of the Femina Madre collection.
Each fabric told a story—some digitally designed, others hand painted by reflecting her motherly love. This collection, a tribute to Margaret Saibu, symbolizes the blessing and influence of a mother’s love, shaping her life today .


Jurio Luti

Jurio Luti unveiled a classic collection with the theme – Czar & Cleo . The collection was a harmonious blend of monochrome and sheer sophistication, androgynous pieces offering red-carpet, black-tie, and dinner looks that blurred boundaries.

From the meticulous detailing to accessorized components, appliqué embellishments to sugar-laced fabrics, Jurio Luti presented a tapestry of fashion excellence. Each piece told a story of the embracing beauty of twinning couples with unique monochromatic outline, illustrating inner fashion energy and ecstasy.


Mary Martin London Call for Divine Intervention

Internationally acclaimed fashion artist Mary Martin once again did not fail expectation as her divine intervention themed collection kept the audience spellbound with the rich tapestry of fabric and intricate designs in simple cuts delivering intent notes of luxury.
In a somewhat signature style, her show was opened with a masked celebrity model who filled the room with the “Mary Martins” vibe – vibrant, boundary-breaking and attention commanding. Drawing inspiration from both her African and western roots, Mary’s call for divine intervention was quite genuine especially as the show stopper piece made which was an ombre sequin ball gown – lit up the entire hall lie a broken mirror hit by the rays of the sun . Once again Mary Martins London had delivered as she took a bow with Olori Ronke Ademiluyi Oguwusi – who she also styled in an all-white regal ensemble


Mary Martins


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