Bag Talk Series : General Cleaning Tips for Crocodile Leather

crocodile leather

Crocodile leather is the priciest and most prestigious of luxury leathers. Knowing how to care for, clean and condition your crocodile leather bag is essential. Here are some tips on how to take care of your crocodile bag to keep it in perfect condition and preserve its beauty .You should always steer clear of getting leather excessively wet. Many may assume that their crocodile leather repels water rather than absorbing it, too much moisture can still cause damage to the finish of the leather. So, if your crocodile leather wear gets wet, it is key to clean off the excess moisture promptly .To remove excess moisture, gently rub the affected area of the crocodile leather shoe or boot with a soft, dry towel or cleaning cloth to soak up the majority of the excess moisture. Once you are done, hang-dry the item to finish removing excess moisture. It is paramount to avoid using direct sunlight or any other direct heat source when drying the leather, as that may cause damage to the finish and result in discoloration or cracks.

care for crocodile leather


After the leather is dry, apply leather conditioner formulated for your crocodile leather to help protect the finish and keep it looking new. When applying the crocodile leather conditioner, be sure to follow the application instructions set on the conditioner’s packaging.

Leather conditioner for crocodile hide can be purchased at any exotic leather goods retailer. However, if you are having difficulty finding the right crocodile leather conditioner for treating the specific finish of your crocodile skin, contacting the manufacturer can prove helpful for finding the right crocodile leather care products.


For removing dirt, dust, and other contaminants; wipe with a dry cloth. For fine particulates such as sand, using a slightly damp cloth to remove the dirt can make the initial cleaning process easier, but the leather will need to be dried and treated with conditioner afterward to reduce the risk of damage to the finish.

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Whatever you do, keep off using harsh chemicals such as bleach, as these strong chemicals may strip the finish from the hide.


Whenever trying a new leather care product on a crocodile or other exotic leather item, first test it on an inconspicuous part of the item first to see if it affects the finish adversely. This way, if the new product does cause some damage, it won’t be in a place where everyone can see it right away.


Crocodile skin products should remain beautiful and ready for use for years to come with apt care and attention. Following these tips can ensure the longevity of exotic leather goods.


Images – Handmade Crocodile Skin Bags from Olola

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