Designer of The Week – Enemaya Lawani of Ene Maya


Enemaya Lawani is a Nigerian model who won Miss Nigeria, 2004. She is known as the longest reigning beauty queen as none replaced her till 2010, making her reign up to six years. Ene lawani is a milliner as well as a fashion designer under the label – Ene Maya which she has been running for 7 years now .

Ene as she is fondly called is also well known for her stylish side – she is somewhat a Kristen Stewart and Rihanna at the same time.  According to her , during her reign as Miss Nigeria , she had to wear a lot of scarfs and tie her hair into a turbans style and this led her unto the path on which she finds herself today .

Tribe & Elan had a brief interview with her recently .

Why did you decide to become a milliner over everything else?
During my miss nigeria. Reign had to wear a lot of scarfs and tie my hair into a turbans style and it stuck  afterwards.

Your veering into fashion , what informed this move?
I wouldn’t say am veering off. Its all about accesorrizing  . Adding a turban , abaya, fascinator or a jacket its about adding that extra sparkle to your look.

Who is the Enemaya woman ?
The enemaya woman is a trend setter that dares to be different.

What are your future plans for your brand?
Our franchise has just begun round the country and we hope to reproduce our flagship store  round the country and we hope to go international.

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Ene’s love for luxury and creativity led to the birth of her fashion line, Enemaya Clothings.


Enemaya clothing came into existence in February 2010. It basically manufactures embellished turbans, feathered turbans, Rosette turbans, fabulous hats, exquisite Fascinators and elegant head apparels, Regal Abayas and creatively inspired jacket line etc.

The ceo of enemaya clothing strongly believes it’s all about accessorizing. Adding a turban, abaya, fascinator or a jacket it’s about adding that extra sparkle to your look.

Ene maya, the CEO of Enemaya Collections, has had her designs, ranging from milliners, jewels and clothings worn by top Nigerian women, e.g. Chief Mrs Shade Okoya, Yemi Alade(musician), Idinma Okojie(actress), etc.




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