Samantha Walsh, Valerie Ike, Afua Osei And Soliat Bada Front Grey Velvet’s 2019 Campaign


In celebrating its 7th year, beloved fashion retail, Grey Velvet is making it a point to affirm its mission — to be a one-stop shop for anyone and everyone.
Its new campaign, The GreyVolution, celebrates the power of evolution, reinvention and growth and championing the messages behind the campaign are Afua Osei, Valerie Ike, Samantha Walsh and Soliat Bada.
The GreyVolution campaign aims to present us with different personalities while still celebrating the authenticity of each individual as a Grey Velvet woman. The campaign embodies the essence of womanhood and the importance of sisterhood.
Grey Velvet has thus selected these four outstanding women to lead The GreyVolution.  Each of the personalities involved in the campaign are as diverse as they come and as we’ve all been taught, the power of evolution comes from diversity.
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  Campaign Creatives: 
Styling: Ifeoma Odogwu @hyperfashun
Photography: Shua Taiwo @mrshua
Makeup: @adoestouch for @thebeautyprecintgng

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