Don’t Have A Yellow Card? Get Vaccinated on Arrival


Recently , the Federal Government mandated airlines to make the Yellow Card a mandatory pre-boarding requirement for all travellers, many passengers were left stranded at different airports in the world.

Because of this, the Federal Government has now relaxed the policy regarding the Yellow Card for passengers traveling into the country. According to ThisDay newspaper, the government has directed airlines to allow travellers who do not yet have the cards to be vaccinated on arrival.

In a circular issued to this effect by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the agency said that passengers coming to Nigeria without documented proof of vaccination, which is the Yellow Card, should be allowed to board the flight but be advised they will be vaccinated accordingly at points of entry.
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NCAA said that in the absence of a Yellow Card, the international travellers must present themselves for vaccination against yellow fever once they land in Nigeria. The electronic Yellow Card is also known as the e-Yellow Card, which is a certificate of vaccination to show that travellers have been immunised against yellow fever.

According to the NCAA, the World Health Organisation recommends vaccination against yellow fever for all international travelers aged nine months to 60 years entering or exiting Nigeria.


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