Elpis Megalio Reveals ‘My Nigerian Symphony’ Lineup at African Fashion Week London


The debut of ‘My Nigerian Symphony’ collection by Elpis Megalio, a Lagos-based fashion brand, illuminated the international stage at the African Fashion Week London. This showcase, hosted on October 28, 2023, signified a remarkable milestone for the brand, marking its inaugural global presence.

According to the Olufunke Afolabi the visionary designer behind Elpis Megalio……..“I wanted a collection with a symphony of colours that allowed the audience to see my love for my country, Nigeria, and the opportunities and lessons it has given me,” says . Incorporating elements from both Benin and Yoruba heritage, the collection serves as a fusion of art, fashion, and technology, reflecting the brand’s innovative approach to design. Elpis Megalio’s “My Nigerian Symphony” is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a celebration of the cultural diversity and creative spirit that define Nigeria.

For Elpis Megalio, this international debut signifies a commitment to showcasing the excellence and ingenuity of Nigerian fashion on the global stage. The brand’s dedication to using locally sourced materials and techniques speaks to its mission of promoting sustainable and ethically conscious fashion practices.

“My Nigerian Symphony” is not just a collection; it’s a cultural masterpiece that transcends borders, inviting the world to witness the beauty and creativity emanating from Nigeria.

Elpis Megalio

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