Want To Have A Wardrobe Overhaul – Here Are Things To Consider

Do you need to totally gut your closet? Are you tired of standing in front of your wardrobe and feeling like you have nothing to wear? 2021 is fast approaching and you need to change some of the items or replace them with trendier items? Most of us have outfitted some of our clothes and are considering taking them out so here are a few things to consider for your next wardrobe overhaul.

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– Get rid of multiple basics that serve the same purpose.
– Instead of organizing your clothes by item types like blazers, skirts, pants etc. Arrange them according to their color. Not only would this enhance your wardrobe aesthetically, it would also make it easier to spot your outfits.
– Let go of clothing that no longer fit or clothing that you’re probably not going to wear in a long time.
– Do not keep items just because they hold sentimental value. If you cherish an item because it was given to you by a friend or a loved one but is basically serving no purpose at all, do the needful and take it out.
– Elevate your lounge wear by swapping sweatpants for chic joggers and matching sweatshirts for a more fitted top as lounge wear is not going out of trend any time soon.
– Take inventory of what you like and what you have before purchasing something new.
– If you’re amongwrdro those that put on a little weight during the lockdown, do not go ahead and get clothes that will eventually be bigger than your normal clothes size because hopefully, by 2021 things are going to go back to normal and you would definitely shed off the excess weight that you’ve put on.
– Always switch up your accessories, silhouettes and colors by branching out into different versions of your various pieces.
– Be on the lookout for fashion trends that would dominate 2021 and go for the items that suits your taste.
– Sell, donate or giveaway whatever it is you no longer need.
– Do not throw out your face masks yet as they are still an essential part of our clothing.

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