What Exactly is A Silk Press +Why Does It Keep Popping Up On Our Instagram Feed

Silk press is a temporary hair procedure that involves pressing natural hair with a flat iron to make it smooth, straight and shiny. It gives natural hair the appearance of being relaxed without the use of harsh chemicals.

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How is a silk press different from straightening/flat ironing?
While straightening or flat ironing can be done on basically any type of hair, a silk press can only be done on natural hair. Since natural hair is more resistant than textured or relaxed hair, silk press requires a high level of heat to straighten the hair strands which is not the same with regular flat ironing. With a flat iron, you can adjust the temperature according to the kind of look or texture you want.
The major difference is that a silk press is always straight and shiny while a flat ironed or straightened hair can have various looks.

                                                   Steps To Getting A Silk Press Done

1. The first step is deep cleansing. The hair must be thoroughly washed to remove dirt and product buildup.
2. Next is deep conditioning. A deep conditioning treatment should be on the hair for at least 15 minutes then rinsed off with cool water.
3. Now it’s time for the heat tools which begins with a deep and hydrating blow dry after the application of heat protectant.
4. Finally, the actual press is done with a flat iron.
With proper care, a silk press can last up to two or three weeks as long as it’s not exposed to water or high humidity.
Please note that a silk press is something you should do once in a while to switch up your hairstyle, not something that should be done very often as this is when damage can occur.
Writer: Temiloluwa Erinfolami

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