Beauty Products You Really Don’t Need In Your Beauty Routine


Let’s face it, skincare is actually simpler than the beauty industry is making it out to be and there are a lot of products out there that you think you have to use but truth be told, they’re either not needed or they’re replaceable. Let’s take a quick look at 5 beauty products that you can cut off from your beauty routine.

1. Toners

Yes you read it right, Toners. Toner is used for the main purpose of balancing your skin’s pH levels so as long as you’re not over stripping your skin with harsh cleansers and exfoliators, you might as well skip the toner except it is a treatment toner with an active ingredient like salicylic acid.

2. Face Masks

Face masks are just really for the whole luxury feel of it. If your skincare routine is quality enough, consisting of the right active ingredients, then this is not really necessary.

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Essence are said to hydrate and rebalance the skin, priming it for moisturizers. If your skincare products already includes serums that leaves your skin feeling hydrated, you can skip the Essence without consequences.

4. Eye Creams

Any specialized cream infact like hand cream, foot cream, elbow cream etc is practically useless. Your eye cream basically does the same thing your moisturizer does so if you already use a moisturizer, leave out the eye cream because they don’t even provide long term effects.

5. Cellulite Products

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Cellulite products don’t even cure cellulite. They just have stimulants like caffeine that puffs up the pocket in your cellulite so it looks smoother until the products wear off so don’t even bother applying it everyday thinking it would make a difference.

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