Fashion and Style guru, Veronica Odeka, is the Perfect Muse for The Adunni Collection by Funke Adepoju


Its seems like all Nigerian womenswear brands and some of the mens are now jumping on the Adire bandwagon thereby leaving the Ankara fabric to take second place .

Well latest on the scene is Funke Adepoju who recently released a lookbook announcing her signup with the fabric . Telling her own story and capturing her own style. She has this to say ……

“The Adunni Collection, was named after my aunty who passed away. She was an inspiration to me. She was strong but very  feminine, hard but still soft and caring. Her oriki was Adunni, which means “A beautiful child has come to this land”. She depicted the many faces of a woman, her life  

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was somewhat always a sacrifice for us all. She always put everyone else before herself and this embodies the essence of a woman. It was always so enamouring as she still put up a show : a glamorous, happy and effortless show. 
To celebrate her, I thought about a fabric to epitomize her essence and my love for Adire, came up. I’ve loved Adire for a very long time and it’s always been interesting to me. The uniqueness, originality and versatility of the prints excites me. The bright colors and the way the fusion of the prints and patterns come together is so beautiful.       
Adire, for me, depicts not only my aunty , but the essence of a woman : her strength, femininity, and delicate nature.”


The new collection speaks of Adire pieces have strong traditional ties to the Yoruba culture – they are indigo-dyed cloth made in southwestern Nigeria by Yoruba women, using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques. The Funke Adepoju brand appreciates the uniqueness of the fabric and has designed the collection with an Oriki title.
Oriki names are traditional names from the Yoruba culture often used during ceremonies to celebrate a loved one. The collection is filled with celebratory pieces and has been fondly named, Adunni.
Fashion and Style guru, Veronica Odeka, serves as the perfect muse for The Adunni Collection as she represents the Funke Adepoju woman in many ways than one. A mother, an entrepreneur, a wife – a strong willed woman, whose style is only a glimpse into her beautifully complexed world.
The Adunni Collection stays true to the Funke Adepoju aesthetic. It is filled with frills, fringed and of course, the famous Funke Adepoju fit.
Model : @VeronicaOdeka
Photography : @mr_laah
Make Up:  @Lucylooks_studio

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