Adire : The New Fashion Vibe



Recently we have been  enjoying a surge of fashion designers in the Nigerian landscape experimenting with various fabric types and kinds, fulfilling the desires of  fashion adventures of each emerging season with their disruptive and exciting approach . This edition we are talking about the new fashion rave -Adire / Kampala / Batik fabric .  These designers are exchanging their Ankara  for the exoctic-ness of this hand made fabric  , are using their designs to challenge everything we have come to understand about style, design and even the way we view gender identity. While for some , it has been their fabric of choice from Day 1 , others are beginning to embrace the home grown culture .

The uniqueness, originality and versatility of the prints is also  quite exciting . The bright colors and the way the fusion of the prints and patterns come together is so beautiful. This age long fabric design from  Ogun State and some parts of the North( the region where these ancient traditions originated) has opened up the potential for exponential business growth for export in the Nigerian fashion industry . 

Fashion is being used as a vehicle to spark conversations and the more we tell our own stories, the more the rest of the world will be forced to sit up and listen.Whilst we have nothing but respect for the veterans that have come before and paved the way for there to even be a functioning industry, we have to make way for the new wave of creatives that are catapulting Nigeria into a new era of creating.

These are some of the brands that are magically contouring this unique patterned fabric into functional and uber whimsical red carpet pieces . These brands  are definitely ones to watch as they are having a significant impact on the face of fashion as we know it.

In no particular order ………


  • Amede is one brand that has stayed true to this culture from Day 1. Over time, Amede has won our hearts with its signature print and flowy silhouettes, the indigenous womenswear brand . Recently , ts spring-summer 2019 collection titled ‘True To Self’ , featured pieces abound with finely tailored attires, adire print bubus, shift dresses, silk shirt dresses, kimonos and more. A season of being true to self with daring colour contrasts and timeless versatile designs for the discerning woman … free of restrictions, no holding back. Bringing out the real you in easy yet classy pieces, sassy, inviting, with no inhibitions or consciousness of figure, declaring boldly and unequivocally that you are comfortable and confident in who you are.

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The collection of Adire pieces which features elegant designs in Adire fabric, silk, chiffon and organza was filled with vibrant pieces with a luxurious feel to them – the kind of aura we’ve come to know the brand for. Filled with rich and sophisticated details, the Tiffany Amber AW19 collection was definitely made for the woman who is on fire, crazy in love . who just wants to have fun all night long when the occasion calls for it.



The Adunni Collection is being named after the designer’s(Funke Adepoju )  aunt who passed away. She was an inspiration to her. She was strong but very feminine, hard but still soft and caring. Her oriki was Adunni, which means “A beautiful child has come to this land”. She depicted the many faces of a woman, her life was somewhat always a sacrifice for us all. She always put everyone else before herself and this embodies the essence of a woman. It was always so enamoring as she still put up a show : a glamorous, happy and effortless show.
    • TRISH O

Trish O Couture introduces an array of Tie dye & Batik pieces with embellished patterns. For the designer, it is a return to the basics. A return to what is truly Nigerian. What is truly African. It is a balance between indigenous origins and modern times.The styles are flattering for curvy women, modern, timeless and spells comfort.



Abuja based fashion brand Aisha Abu bakr  resort 2019 collection dubbed ‘Northern Star’. The name of the collection was inspired by the northern star which is the brightest star in the constellation and that is how the designer views every and any woman wearing a piece of this collection; the brightest star in their constellation. For this collection, the designer takes the brand on a journey of a culture merger between western and south eastern Nigeria. The technique of hand dye and batik which originates from western Nigeria and the Nsibidi language symbols which are used in the hand dye originally from south eastern Nigeria are both employed. The print portrays Love and Unity as these are Nsibidi signs used. The designer’s creative license is visible in the collection as there is a balance between modern trends and cultural inspiration.

Started operations in 2015, The Adirelounge Textile Company has a mission of creating prosperity for African women, youths and their families. They achieve prosperity by creating unique, hand crafted products of the highest quality. Being able to do the work that they love and being empowered by financial independence leads to greater happiness.



The My Q Lady brand pull all the stops when it comes to this indigenous fabric . The brand plays with rich color pallets and brings the designs alive with intricate beading and tasseled details .

Moofa is well known for its Trans-Seasonal, Timeless and Functional Pieces that can be worn – At Work or During Play Time; Day or Night; Past, Present and Future. The Moofa Style and Cut “ALWAYS” Flatter the Feminine Silhouette. The Taste is Superb and the Fabrics especially the Batik collection  are Unusual and Excitingly Unique. 

Lady like pieces with girlie names like Amber , Jane , Mary dress……This brand thrives on feminine simplicity . With figure enhancing designs and little preppy deigns here and there , the Ladymaker ‘s Eko Collection has been a major HIT .

The kimon collection changed the narrative by interpreting the hand dyed craft from the regular canvas to luxurious fabrics of silk, organza and other various fancy finds of the best quality to match the elevated fashion requests of that modern lady who commands silence with her every appearance. Characterized by exaggerated sleeves, elaborate jumpsuits, peacock, emerald, flamingo and burnt caramel rich tones, the collection is definitely one of our faves as it promotes the culture and also the heritage of the Adire fabric.

Maki Oh  fuses traditional African techniques with detailed contemporary construction. Founded by Maki Osakwe in 2010, the Maki Oh design ethos challenges prevailing notions of beauty and analyses cultural norms through a womanist lens. Hand-dyed indigo prints,  have always been Maki Oh’s secret sauce.  The brand is centred in a strong sense of identity and culture, creating narrative pieces that function as direct channels of communication.



Odio Mimonet is all about creating exclusive yet wearable pieces of art using high-quality materials and their AW19 collection attests to this. The collection featured some pieces from the brand’s Mimi diffusion line which is focused on creating outfits for the relaxed yet stylish “Gidi” girl who wants to stay in touch with her roots.

  • Ade Bakare is the diffusion line under the Ade Bakare Couture label. The line comprises a chic and modern collection of separates in various colours in trend-conscious styles. The award-winning designs of adire\jersey dresses, kaftans, pea jackets, wrap skirts and exquisite intricately-beaded kaftans are some of the designs on offer.

Nigerian emerging fashion designer, Mazelle, has released its newest collection titled “Queen of the East”. This is in line with her runway showcase at Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter ‘19, where she interpreted her vintage aesthetic with a twist of authentic Nigerian Touch in each outfit in amazing ways . The distinctive Adire mix, clean shapes and lines with a vintage peak, sequins, shimmer, femme inspired fabric and clever use of embellishments delicately hand beaded unto quality fabrics. This collection was inspired by the rich culture of Eastern Nigeria. The modern Igbo female attire which embodies the elegant puffed sleeve blouse, layered Pants, dresses, some wrap sets in vibrant colours and designs that resonate with every African Woman



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