Get Glamed Up & Stay Put: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Sprays & Fixer Sprays


Is Your Makeup Melting Faster Than an Ice Cube in the Lagos Hot Sun?

Ever spent hours meticulously crafting your masterpiece, only to have it melt away faster than a snowman in July? Fear not, fellow makeup enthusiast! We’ve all been there, watching foundation migrate and mascara turn traitor. But fret no more, for today we delve into the world of fixing sprays and setting sprays, your secret weapons against makeup meltdowns. ‍♀️

So, buckle up, beauties, and get ready to unlock the secrets to long-lasting, flawless makeup that can even withstand a salsa dance marathon!

Seal it is a finishing spray should be the very last step to hold everything on your face together!! Hydra mist is a setting spray: it reduces the harsh powdery look as you go through your makeup routine, you can you during prep, after foundation after powder when you are done then finish off with the seal it spray to lock it in, avoid/reduce transfer and extend your makeup wear!!

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