Groove, Grit, and Girl Power: Schullzz is Taking Control Mastering the Mix and Changing the Game .


In the pulsating world of music, some voices resonate beyond the airwaves, transcending mere sound to become a rhythmic force that shapes our memories. Sola Mogaji, known affectionately as ‘Schullzz,’ is one such force. From her beginnings as a radio personality at Classic FM 97.3 to her role as a music curator, podcaster, emcee, and astute businesswoman, Sola has woven a tapestry of influence in the music industry. As the CEO of Schullzz66 and a Co-Founder/Partner at Stage and Booth, her expertise in VIP hospitality, green rooms, and special events is unparalleled. In an exclusive interview, we delve into Sola’s world, exploring her journey, her passions, and her undeniable impact, particularly in her specialty of old school music.

• You’ve been spinning old skool tunes for a while now ! What first sparked your love for this era of music?

》All started with growing up listening to music that my parents played.

• How do you think old skool music transcends generations and continues to resonate with audiences today?

》Quite a number of the songs from the 70s and 80s have been covered or sampled, hereby introducing the music to a new generation.

• Beyond the music, what aspects of old skool culture inspire you the most?

》Style and Traditional Values


• As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, what challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

》Never quite faced any because of my outlook, which is that male or female i can get the job done, and I focused largely on that. Everything else went right over my head..

• What’s your secret to staying energetic and passionate about music in your late 50s?

》Pure unadultrated love for good music and preserving it..

• Have you witnessed any interesting trends in the way people experience or appreciate old e music over the years?

》I think the older some people get, they begin to show more appreciation for nostalgic music.

• What are some hidden gems in the old skool scene that you think more people should discover?

》The chance to relive some of your best years growing up and reconnecting with other people from the era on many levels.

• What advice would you give to aspiring DJs, especially women, who want to break into the male dominated industry?

》Follow your heart and your passion for music first, understand the different genres, decades, and tempo, then figure a way to make people connect to it when you play.

• Looking ahead, what are some things you’re excited about for the future of old skool music?

》The possibility of the connection between the different interpretations of familar music for decades to come…


Images – Courtesy Schullzz

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