I.Rasa Presents Resort Collection – Ethnik Twist


New fashion brand I.RASA pronounced ‘EYE – RAH- ZAH’ debuts it’s new fashion staples for the collection croisière( resort collection )  with the Ethnik Twist .

The Ethnik Twist collection is filled with classic and feminine pieces that can go from Day to Night( Functional) and from today to tomorrow (Timeless) . The collection includes day wears , classic casuals , separates which includes jackets, tribal pants  and skirts each piece expressing  the connection of the brand’s rich African influence in terms of tropical  prints in flora and wild life patterned in various exclusive designs of print fabrics in earthy tone Shades and vibrant summer hues all with an Ethnik Twist.



Brand- @i.rasaclothing
Photo Credits

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Styling – @rhodaebun
Photography – @insignaonline
PR- @morsipr


I.RASA Clothing Brand Launch 
Date: Sunday, April 8th 2018
Time: 12PM- 6 PM
Venue: Brasas’r Place, 2nd Floor, 69, Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos






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