The Re- Launch of Younass Collection by Soraya Adji

soraya adji

Soraya Adji is one of Nigeria’s designers you don’t hear about every now and then but when you do , the attention is centered more around her brand  – Younass Collection which is fast becoming the brand of choice when it comes to Nomadic Luxury in Nigeria . The Abuja based brand is the go to brand of the influential ,  royals and those with discerning style up North and beyond . After being off the radar for a while, Younss Collection is back like it never left .

In this edition , one time most sought after model – Ronke Apampa relays her victory story while battling for her  life beating the deadly Covid 19 virus . Reaching out from her home in Essex , UK – Ronke gives a  a full recount of her ordeal . Fashion trends – Stripes , Beauty tips – Soap Brows and photos from the high profile union of the Kam – Selem & Rimi family are also part of this week’s edition . Enjoy


moriam musa

ronke apampa

surviving covid 19
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soap brows

Ummi Kam - selem wedding


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