Ibidun Ighodalo Was An Unapologetic Dispenser of Benevolence -Gbenga Artsmith

Gbenga Ayo Dada
The late Ibidun Ituah Ighodalo was a known lover of beautiful accessories . From her limited edition designer bags to her avant garde jewelry . Whether locally made or not, she had a unique collection of tasteful jewelry pieces . Back home here in lagos – Nigeria, we caught up with up with Gbenga Ayo Dada of Gbenga Artsmith jewlry who she got most of her pieces from , to tell us how she selected her pieces .

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Gbenga Ayo Dada
Aunty Ibidun is a masterclass on the art of giving by whatever standard! 99% of the time she ordered jewelry from me, she ended up giving them out- either on the day she rocks them or even before she wears them. Once a person pays the jewelry a compliment, that’s it! It becomes that lady’s possession. And those who knew her to never say no to giving out her items had a field day taking things off her, lol. She would then buzz me and say, “Gbenga, my neck pieces and bracelet- all gone! 😄😄😄😄
My friends really loved them. I was proud to tell them about you. They are following you on Instagram already and they will definitely commission you to make them bespoke jewelry  pieces. Don’t worry, many more to buy. I was happy to give them my jewelry.”
Never did she buy for herself alone, she would always remember others who would equally love the pieces. I remember when she came for my birthday/collection launch soiree last year, after selecting for herself, she picked some other items and asked me to give Tomike when I mentioned she was going to come later that day. Oh, Aunty Ibidun was an unapologetic dispenser of benevolence! And whenever she wasn’t in a capacity to give anything one asks her for, she would always ask what other ways she can be of assistance.
To talk about her in past tense is just hurting! Damn! I have been guarding my denial of her demise so jealously. I have been reading our old chats and her comments on my Facebook posts, it’s so hard to comprehend that she is gone. Forever *sighs!* I know her presence in our hearts remains even in her absence, but it won’t suffice! It is nothing like her tight, comforting hugs. Her warm smile. Her bubbly spirit. I miss her sorely!

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