Is Eko Hotel Really A Shadow of Its Former Self ?



. Guests lamment ……. executive room stinks like an abattoir.

. the rugs are threadbare and the decorations have seen better days.

. “No hot water. Staff had to deliver buckets of hot water to room

 Eko Hotels, a major landmark of Lagos State, is fast deteriorating , rapidly becoming a shadow of its former self .  Well known in West Africa with its perfect blend of relaxation, activities, and African tradition delicately infused to meet the highest international standards, the Eko Hotels, located in the heart of Victoria Island and shielded from the hustle and bustle of the Lagos metropolis, is now a complete departure from its vaunted qualities.

According to an aggrieved patron who lodged at the hotel recently, “I am appalled at the fast deterioration of this hotel. It is obvious the management is now more concerned about making money than maintaining its former high standards.” Recounting his horrid experience, the guest said, “I checked into an executive room and it was stinking like an abattoir. Even when i lodged a complaint and checked other rooms, the situation was the same.

The rooms are dirty and stinking. The bed sheets and furniture no longer befit a five-star hotel while the rugs are threadbare and the decorations have seen better days.” The aggrieved guest further disclosed that even the entire main hotel is an eyesore with rodents having a field day on its corridors. It does seem that over time, the experiences of varying guests have bordered on the disheartening and disappointing.

A reviewer of the hotel on hospitality website, Trip Advisor, wrote, “We stayed at the EKO (Hotel) for three days over the New Year. While it may appear to be a Destination Resort, it needs a lot of help in the service area. The rooms are small and we asked for extra pillows on two occasions but did not receive any help at all. The floor around the pool is absolutely filthy and has not been cleaned since it last rained. My feet would be dirty just walking from the pool back to our pool chairs. The pool attendants were limited which allowed for unruly kids to run havoc.

The whole hotel ran out of drinks and food items while we were there.” Another reviewer wrote, “No hot water. Staff had to deliver buckets of hot water to rooms; lukewarm water for two nights. (I) Overpaid and hotel could not refund money back to my account although it was charged to my card. They were asking for my receipt of payment as proof although they had all the details of my card. I had to return to the hotel to collect cash. Bill not yet sent via email three days after my stay.” Yet, another reviewer lamented, “The main hotel is the least impressive real estate in the Eko Resort. It’s old and dated and in serious need of a makeover. Overall, I would prefer not to stay here again.”

A staff of the hotel said they were not surprised at the eroding standards of the hotel, hinging the blame on the notoriety of changing management at will. Also, the staff said, “Since the owners started building new wings like the Eko Signatures and Eko Luxury and Apartments within the hotel, concentration has shifted from the flagship.”

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Source – The Capital

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