Meet Titilayomioluwa Olufosoye – The Golden Girl of of Straps N Strides ,Luxury Footwear

straps n strides

 Titilayomioluwa Olubusola Olufosoye is one name that might not be making the rounds but her luxury footwear boutique – Straps N Strides definitely rings a loud bell , as the exclusive and luxe brand is the “plug ” for most women who seek authentic designer brands in the footwear department .

Recently hitting the milestone age of 50 , the stunning beauty is a graduate of of Political Science and Administration from the University of Maiduguri , Titi started her career life  at Signature Folio, a promotional gift company in Abuja. Shortly after relocating to  Lagos , she was made the pioneer staff at the Lagos office where she worked  for 5 years before moving on to another upscale gift company- Zaachi and Chrome.It was at this point she discovered her  love for marketing and things took a different turn and 15 years down the line , she has built such a  trusted and reputable brand in the midst of the high tidal wave of designer knock offs. In this interview session with Tribe and Elan Editor , Titi Straps N Strides (as she is fondly called  speaks about her riveting journey in building her brand and  turning 50 .

straps n strides


T & E : Straps N Strides has over time , been the go – to store for authentic designer shoes and fashion accessories. What would you say stands your brand out ? 

Titi :  Straps and strides is not just a Luxury fashion store, It’s the quintessence of Luxury meets style ,we are passionate about our brand and always goes the extra mile to satisfy our discerning clientele .We bring to our years of experience and connections with the best Luxury brand to our clients in the form of assurance of the highest quality at the best prices

straps n strides

T & E :In the era of knockoffs and various levels of designer grades , how have you been able to sustain your business and kept it growing ?
Titi   Essentially, over the years we have built our brand on our value proposition of superior value at the best prices in the market, Also our unique luxury concierge shopping which ensures the delivery of seemingly impossible items with agreed time frame has ensured that over the years we have built a very loyal clientele base which is key our sustainability as a business .
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straps n strides


T & E :–  Are there certain brands you stock exclusively? If so which ones and why?
Titi : Straps and Slides is a multi luxury brand stockist. We stock all brands, we bring in the deals so we have a deal breaker.

T & E : What are the easiest  giveaways to  fake labelled brands?
Titi : First check the quality of the leather or material the bag is made from. Secondly, check the stitching and pay attention to detail. Thirdly, take a very close look at the hardware like the fastening. Always check the inner lining of the bag. Another thing to look out for is the logo. Check the pockets, the serial number and the authenticity cards. Lastly check the price. For example, you know that a Chanel bag costs like 6000 pounds and someone is offering it to you for a hundred thousand naira, then it is definitely a fake.

straps n strides

T & E : You recently turned  50, how will you say it has changed you .
Titi   Stepping up to the Fifth Floor has definitely changed my perspectives and outlook in some ways Some of which are that it’s a period of stocktaking of my life over the years and full acceptance of the journey so far with Gratitude to the most high, renewed and deep appreciation for my family,friends , loved ones ,clients and acquaintances for the roles they have played
It’s a time of introspection on what has been and a laser focus on renewal and the journey ahead .My next dreams ……….

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