Fashion Designer – Alero As A Fashion Force and Real Estate Developer

Alero is one of Nigeria’s top fashion designers who has been in the game since mid 2000. Although she may not be a social butterfly , she is the brain behind Hallero brand, an Afrocentric women’s wear brand known typically for it’s Afrocentric high fashion designs and also Heych– the diffusion line and versatile arm of Hallero.
Over the years, Hallero has come out with various collections showcasing different narratives with the use of luxurious fabrics in outstanding designs. A typical Hallero woman is known to command attention and stand out whenever she is “Outside ‘ because of the level of creativity infused in each outfit.. It is no wonder she is one of the best kept wardrobe secrets of many first ladies and society women alike .   Asides from being a fashion designer, Alero is also a real estate business mogul. As she runs 3  shopping malls in Lagos , namely – Park Place and White Wood Mall 1 & 2 . Each housing various store spaces and situated in different areas in Lekki. and Surulere 

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Alero who  recently turned 50 is over 20 years strong in the fashion game . In this interview , she speaks on her sustaining power, in he fashion business and her sojourn  into the real estate sector .
T&E: You’ve been a women’s wear designer for over 20 years, what has been your staying power?
Alero: 20 years is actually not a joke. I would like to thank  God for sustaining the business through everything, especially  in this industry. I believe what has kept us going is our “cut”. The Hallero  cut is quite different. and that style and method i would say has actually set our brand apart and kept us going . You can ask any of our old and new customers .T&E: How is working in fashion different today than from when you started out?
Alero:  When we started, we were very few in the fashion business but as we speak every other person seems to be in fashion -directly or indirectly . Also of course , we have social media , which aids in the visibility of these brands .  Apart from having more people in fashion right now, there’s really still no difference. Fashion is still not where I would have expected it to be in the sense that in Nigerian fashion,- we are not united . We do not have a strong voice . I believe that we should be together, having seasons and bringing out collections each season. Fashion has grown larger and we accept that but the unity is still not there.
T&E: There seems to be some measure of  pressure for designers to come out with their collection season after season. How do you handle this?
Alero: Producing a new collection, trying to get out a look-book… Sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming but we have the capacity so we do not get pressured . It has to do with engaging each department responsible for what needs to be done at the time  .T&E: Would you say your background reflects in your work as a designer?
Alero: My background definitely reflects in my work as a designer. I believe our values and beliefs aside from what inspires the collection – are all elements woven into the fabric of each piece .
T&E: How would you describe your personal style ?
Alero: I am a very simple person, anybody that knows me knows this and that is why sometimes it reflects in my designs. Simplicity with style has always been my logo. I’m a simple person and I like decent things, I like nice simple things with a huge dose of classy appeal . I love details and I’m simple, I don’t do anything dramatic

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