Some Nigerian Businesses Will Never Be the Same After the Pandemic Lockdown. See 10 of Them

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The corona virus pandemic has caused a lot of cities in the world to lockdown for a while till the virus cases reduce. Although, the lockdown has crashed most of the world’s economy, its impact will still be felt after the pandemic subsides and the lockdown of cities are called off. It is paramount to know that even if corona virus is gone the fear of the disease will continue to linger with new behavioral patterns like Social Distancing , some businesses will take a while before adjusting to the realities of time and this might see them never remaining quite the same.


Below are ten businesses we believe will struggle after the lock down has been called off


1. Cinemas and Movie Theaters

The pleasure of visiting cinemas and theater to see a movie, play or watch a live band play will surely be affected after the lockdown. This is due to the concentration of large crowds at these places. This being affected will sure affect the earning of owners and workers of these places.


2. Make Up Studios

As campaigns are going around on personal hygiene and the idea of not touching your face. Make up artistes might not enjoy the heavy patronage like in the past . If at all they do , believe that each customer might be walking into their studio with their personal set of brushes and or makeup


3. Beer Parlours

People find beer palours as hangout spots with buddies. These gatherings might not continue as people will want to stick to the memo of social distancing. because at the moment no known vaccine has been found for the corona virus. With little or no customers, beer palours will seriously be hit after the lockdown.


4. Event planner

The patronage of Event planners will also experience a decline in patronage . As more and more social gatherings of large numbers will be reduced to smaller sized events hence bringing about a shift in cost.

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5. Alcohol Beverage Companies

With beer palors being affected and large social events on restriction , alcohol beverage companies are sure to experience low production rates .


6. Beaches and parks

The large crowd usually seen at the beach and parks will surely reduce after the lockdown. Many people will prefer to have their celebrations at home against having a party on the beach or park. Hence, beach and park owners and workers might experience the post economic effect of the lockdown.


7. Social Media Influencers

Brand influencers are sometimes on contract and some get jobs from time to time. With businesses and company losing billions during the pandemic, they might not want to stake the is lockdown . funds they have left on influencers immediately after the. At the moment many of them stay idle .

8. The Tourism sector

With most countries closing their borders, tourist would be in a hurry to invest in world round trips . This will therefore affect hotels, resorts and various tourists sites as businesses attached to this sector might suffer economic crisis.


9 .Chinese restaurants

China being the origin of corona virus, has affected the Chinese restaurants even before lockdown. After the lockdown most will still experience a low patronage.



10. Travel agencies and airlines 

Travel agencies and airlines have already been hit by the effect of the corona virus. We believe they might also experience this after the lockdown as travel history is one of the key elements in determining if one has been exposed or not to the disease.


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